The IV International Scientific Conference „Conserving Soils and Water“ was held on 28.08-31.08.2019 in Burgas, Bulgaria. The event was organized by the Scientific and Technical Union of Mechanical Engineering. The aim of the conference was to facilitate collaboration and exchange of research achievements from scientists, share their ideas, discuss and offer solutions for maintaining the balance and harmony between the society and Nature.
The BalkanROAD project “Towards farms with zero carbon-, waste- and water-footprint. Roadmap for sustainable management strategies for Balkan agricultural sector” was presented by the Bulgarian team and the project challenges were discussed with the delegates. Assoc. Prof. Georgi Mitev, key expert and lecturer at “Angel Kanchev” Technical University of Rousse, presented the topic: A Strategy for Farms with Zero Carbon Footprint.
The protection of natural resources is the most important issue for mankind. Scientists from all over the world are called upon to give their contribution for the protection of the riches of Nature and the welfare of mankind. The soil and water protection through the development of science and technologies is becoming a priority and a motivating factor in the life of many people and whole societies.