The second Stakeholders Meeting on the implementation of the project BalkanROAD project was held on October 29, 2019, in Thessaloniki, Greece, at the American Farm School premises.
Each PP reported on practices, measures and actions that can be adopted in their country by the agribusiness sector to boost their market presence and reduce their environmental footprint, mainly in regards to GHG emissions, water consumption and waste generation/management.
The stakeholders from each country reported on the availability and/or necessity for funding to support and put in place the proposed measures /practices. The stakeholders discussed and ranked the most beneficial eco-friendly measures / sustainable practices (in descending order of importance), taking into account future projections of climate change, appropriate for application in the agricultural sector in their countries.
Staff of the Bulgarian PP5 AAEF, representatives of the its external Consultant ABERON and 3 people staff from the National Agricultural Advisory Service, Bulgaria participated in the event.